State Owned Wind Farms?

State owned wind farms may seem like a throw back to communism, but it may be one step we have to take to end our dependence on foreign energy and fix our economy.  We have many regions in the country capable of producing large amounts of energy through wind farms.  Take for instance the Trans Pecos region of Texas and New Mexico.  This region has great potential for wind farms.  However, private industry does not yet see wind farms as a feasible alternative to fossil fuels and imported energy.  State owned farms may be one way to take the first step in solving our nation’s biggest problems.

Wind Energy

The government should be investing billions in building wind farms.  Politicians throw money everywhere else, so why not throw some at wind farms.  We recently had a stimulus package that put billions into our economy.  Did it help, well that is debatable.  Did it help our energy dependence problem?  No.  In the next stimulus package billions should be allocated to establishing state owned wind farms.  The energy produced from the farms would be sold to the public or private industry.  The revenue would be used to pay back the taxpayers and pay the employees at the wind farms.  Eventually, these assets would be sold to private organizations. In the end the cost to the taxpayer should be zero and in fact taxpayers should make money! What a turn about that would be.

Historical Wind Capacity
(Table Above Shows Historical Wind Power Capacity)

If this was ten or twenty years ago the idea of state owned anything would be a horrible prospect.  Today, however, it may be the only alternative for saving our country.  Make no mistake, our energy crisis is a threat like no other we have faced.  It is killing our economy and feeding the economies of foreign nations.

We may need to seriously consider state owned projects.  The next stimulus package needs to include money for creating alternative energy projects.  Wind farms, solar facilities and any other domestic sources of energy.  It may be costly, but the billions we gave taxpayers this summer did nothing of lasting importance.  Wind farms will benefit us for years to come.  We cannot afford to be timid in the face of our problems.  We have to act today.

See a map of the United States' wind power potential.  

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