Can your Website bring in the Gold?
By Geno A Bulzomi
Copyright, June 2007.

In the 1870s many people set out to strike it rich with nothing but the clothes on their back and whatever money they could scrounge together.  There was gold everywhere in the Black Hills and the news traveled fast!  A town called Deadwood became the destination of many would-be millionaires.  Just as today’s Internet offers the average person a chance at riches, so did the gold of the Black Hills.  Most prospectors quickly found nothing but heartache and empty pans.  A few people struck gold, but a good portion of the people getting rich were not even prospectors—they turned out to be people selling things to the prospectors! 

The Internet has millions-upon-millions of individuals surfing from site-to-site every day—every minute to be more precise.  Try wrapping your head around the numbers and you can either get dizzy or see dollar signs flashing in front of your eyes!  The Internet is literally a goldmine, but not everyone is finding the “color”! 

In Deadwood supply tents offered prospecting tools and saloons offered whiskey.  In both cases the operators made money because people wanted the things they were offering.  On the Internet you have to get the surfer’s attention and make them want what you have to offer.  While you may not be offering picks, whiskey or poker you best offer something of value to your visitors or you are sunk.  Take these simple steps and you will be able to get visitors to make your site a favorite:

1)   Content is king on the Internet—you give them quality content to read and they will stay awhile and come back to see what is new.  The content should be fresh and be worth reading.  There are many Internet sites offering free articles for use on your website for example:  A note of caution: if you use free articles from a website content warehouses read the articles first to ensure they are quality.

2)      Who doesn’t like free!  Give the surfers something free and they will remember you.  Make it worthwhile, junk will get you nothing but bad word-of-mouth.  One example is a free e-book that actually teaches a person something valuable.  How to write a quality ad or how to write a PHP script that serves a popular function.

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Copyright, June 2007
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