Can your Website bring in the Gold?
By Geno A Bulzomi

3)      Games.  Learn how to make simple games that capture the surfer’s attention.  Switch them out on a regular basis so they do not become stale.  If you do not have time to build a game try finding a site that lets you link to their games for example:   

4)      Finally, research popular sites for secrets of the trade.  No prospector “worth his salt” would ignore free advice on where to find the “color” and neither should you.  Your competitors show you how they do it—just visit the most popular sites and learn from them.

Follow those four steps and you will strike it rich!  People will take a break from surfing and stay awhile.  The longer they stay the more opportunities you will have to make money through advertising or selling merchandise.  Become the saloon for the weary Internet surfers; give them something refreshing and they will hand you the gold.  Much easier than prospecting all day!

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