Finding the Solution in Unlikely Places
By Geno A Bulzomi
Copyright, July 2007

In the twilight years of the Roman Empire raids from barbarian tribes became a very real and damaging occurrence.  Common people were faced with a serious threat to their existence.  The adversity and uncertainty of life became the catalyst of change.  Leaders today need to view adversity and challenge as an opportunity to be seized and managed.  Whether it is industry rivals vying for your market share or budgetary shortfalls (or some other of today’s barbarians) leadership cannot be fearful of unique solutions to make it through hard times.

The Romans fled their former cities to seek refuge in a place that the barbarian hordes would never dream of pillaging—a swampy lagoon.  Over the years the swampy lagoon, where more and more Romans found sanctity, became a wondrous and powerful city-state. It eventually became powerful enough to provide its citizens relative safety from the barbarians. 

A true leader will look for ways to change bad situations into plans of action.  Not all situations can be miraculously spun into a success story, but with the right leadership, that has the right attitude, efforts can be taken to minimize negative impacts.  Leaders cannot be afraid to use creative problem solving or collaboration with others to find success.

The Romans, through the pressures of the barbarians, turned a swampy lagoon into an economic powerhouse.  They literally turned the liabilities of the shallow lagoon into assets.  The murky waters became canals and they created a strong seafaring economy.  Venice, as this city is known today, is an example of people managing adversity and surviving in times of uncertainty.  Leadership has to look for ways for their organizations to meet the challenges that lie ahead, even if the route to success is through a swamp.  Unorthodox solutions may be the answer—consider everything.

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Copyright, July 2007 (Bulzomi, Geno)